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Raddle: to twist together: INTERWEAVE.

Dear Raddlers,

I’ve been waiting a long time to say this: Welcome to Raddle!!! (and to Raddle Tales–our online publication.)

This certainly is an interesting time to launch a business. Dare I say–a good time, if what you’re offering speaks to the pandemic present.

So much has changed since the coronavirus began. People are getting sick, we (well—most of us anyway 🙄) are sheltering in place, none of us have any idea what tomorrow will look like, and many of us have lost income.

You may be scared, or excited about new possibilities, or some combination of both, which is perfectly understandable and natural.

The question is, “Where do we go from here?”
The answer is in the question. “We.”

“We” have to adapt to survive and thrive, and it’s a hell of a lot easier to do that when you have others to lean on.

What we’re seeing is a new, undeniable reality: people need each other AND they need to be able to connect online.

That’s why what we’re building here at Raddle–what we started building before the pandemic–a place for people to help people get unstuck–is needed now more than ever. And they need it like—yesterday.

Just because you’re physically distancing doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself.

Raddle is what Liyani Rodriguez (Raddle co-founder) and I wish we had as Solopreneurs: A virtual brainstorm community of unlike-minded problem solvers. There for you when you need them. An online space to be vulnerable, where innovative ideas flow, and where every voice is heard.

That’s not a bunch of marketing jargon. Every single phrase meant something before the pandemic, and means even more now. Check it out👇🏾

  • Solopreneurs: people on their own launching, building and growing a business
  • virtual: essential for the foreseeable future
  • brainstorm: group discussion that produces ideas and ways of solving problems (and we’ve got plenty of problems that need solving)
  • community: as a true community, we’re united by a common purpose, not a common interest
  • unlike minded problem solvers: instead of echo chamber peer talk, open your mind to different ways of thinking
  • there for you when you need them: through every hurdle & challenge along your entrepreneurial journey
  • online space: see ‘virtual’ 👆🏼
  • to be vulnerable: magic happens once you feel safe enough to get real about your struggles
  • where innovative ideas flow: brainstorming with people who have diverse backgrounds and perspectives can help you think outside the box, because they were never in your box to begin with
  • where every voice is heard: every person who needs help and/or has ideas to share is heard, because every voice matters

Raddle sneak peek

For those of you who suspect you might need what we’re building and/or you’re ready to help others through brainstorming:

We’re launching the beta version of Raddle in the next week. Beta means it will be awesome but probably not perfect. (People need help NOW a lot more than they need perfect later.)

Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect: As a paid member of our brainstorming community, you’ll get personalized, facilitated brainstorm sessions when you need them most. Where everyone’s attention is on YOU and YOUR GOAL. Plus a ton of other perks, including on-demand text-based brainstorms and monthly group sessions with a verified business or life coach. There will be a free community member option as well if you’re just looking to contribute awesome ideas.

Limited number of beta spots: We’re going to cap the number of paid members who join us for the initial beta launch. (We’ll explain why soon.) Needless to say–if you already know you’re down and you want to secure your spot, you can request an invite.

what Raddle Tales can do for you:

  • Inspire you with Raddler Tales: A series of stories about real people in our community and how brainstorming is helping them achieve their dreams. There’s a lot we can learn from each other. Sharing our stories can help.
  • Provide Ideas Worth Trying: The Raddle team has a lot of business expertise and we’re eager to share it. So do other people we know who are excited to share. So expect useful, practical, timely lessons with the sole intent of helping you succeed.
  • Give you a peek Under Our Hood: Building a community based on trust works both ways: We will build WITH you and remain as transparent as possible so we can grow together.

If you like the sound of that and want to stay in the Raddle loop–subscribing to our blog is the perfect way to do that. You’ll receive new posts in your inbox.

That’s it for now. Let’s do this! 🤘

Tex Dworkin
Raddle Co-founder & Chief Community Officer

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