On Seeing the Subtleties: High-Strung Horses to Human Beings

Raddle Life Coach Audrey Holst On Horseback

I’m good at what I do because I’m sensitive, which is also my biggest challenge. I care. One of the things I try to make really explicit, and this is something that I try to pull out on a regular basis for myself, is that we’ve all been influenced by systems that we weren’t really taught about. I talk explicitly about white supremacy. I talk explicitly about patriarchy. I talk explicitly about capitalism. I talk about the things that often shape and limit our viewpoints on the world. When I coach clients it’s a reimagining of what is. If we didn’t have these systems that we’ve taken as truths constantly playing in loops in our brains, what would be possible? What would be possible if we showed up somehow a little bit different and a little bit bigger? What if we came up with more creative solutions? If we thought outside of what actually exists now and tapped into the things around us? The natural world has so many things to be inspired by. It’s not just one person holding the ball, it’s a lot of people interacting.

From a biology perspective, from the perspective of how our nervous systems work, we co-regulate with other people. We’re feeling a certain thing and we think we’re the only one, then someone else names it. It creates an, ‘​Oh! I’m not alone​.’ There is a collective. It allows people to feel more relaxed and a bit more like they belong.

Prior to my thirteen years experience with yoga, meditation, and relational practices, my background, my actual degree, is in business management. And riding. I used to train horses and thought that I was going to manage a barn when I got out of school. The horses I used to work with, the ones that I would be assigned to, were usually the ones that were a bit on the high-strung side. The reason I mention that is because my ability to tap into subtleties and nuances started with animals, but with people it’s sort of my superpower. I’m able to listen to someone for a short amount of time and pick up on a theme really, really fast. This background is a piece of who I am. I think it informs my skill set, how I show up, and why I coach the way I coach.

One of my challenges is to not get dragged down by the bigness of all the overreaching sh*t that goes (on) in the world and to hold onto the, ‘What CAN I do in my little ecosystem?’ What little things am I doing that are improving the world in some small way, and how do I keep showing up for that? We decide to continue moving forward with hope because that’s what we do. We have to.

Audrey Holst is a Raddle Verified Coach. I help people tap into their resilience and agility so they can create a life, and vision, that makes a difference. I have over a decade of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness with deep knowledge of the nervous system and extensive training and work as a Certified Life Coach.  Audrey is currently accepting new coaching clients, so if you’re curious about how Audrey’s unique skills & talents can help you, visit her website to learn more.

Audrey leads a monthly small group coaching session for Raddle “Entrepreneur” members to help them keep their heads in the game and building forward. Monthly life coaching sessions are one of Raddle’s (paid) member benefits, in addition to brainstorming with supportive community members. To join Raddle as a free OR paid member– Request An Invite Here.

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