Small Biz Gone Viral Podcast Features Raddle Co-founder Tex Dworkin

Small Biz Gone Viral Raddle CoFounder Tex Dworkin episode 29

If you’re curious how Raddle got its start or why being a part of an online business community is so vital, especially during COVID, listen to episode 29 of Small Biz Gone Viral — a podcast that captures the impact COVID-19 is having on small businesses and the humans who run them, starring Raddle Co-founder and Chief Community Officer Tex Dworkin.

Tex is a huge proponent of solopreneurs supporting each other and rising together. On this podcast episode –she opens up about startup life, building something from nothing, and what it’s like to support small business owners and solopreneurs during COVID.

If you’re a small business owner and listen to podcasts, we highly recommend the Small Biz Gone Viral podcast.

Its host Grant LeBeau is first and foremost a business owner himself. He co-founded Rickaroons –his family’s coconutty business that makes delicious, clean burning energy food for pre or post workouts.

Grant and Tex quickly bonded over their mutual passion for small business and disdain around the glorification and glamorization of entrepreneurship. You won’t find any ‘how I made it’ startup stories on the Small Biz Gone Viral podcast. You WILL find real stories from real businesspeople about what it’s really like to be an entrepreneur, and the patience, dedication, and perseverance it takes to keep going.

Each episode of Small Biz Gone Viral covers a summary of economic and public health statistics before diving into an interview with a small business owner, covering backstory (think How I Built This), pre-pandemic plans for growth, and the updated strategies and goals to meet rapidly evolving challenges.

The ‘Unsponsor’ portion happens towards the end of every episode. The featured guest chooses a company to ‘Unsponsor’ and host Grant chooses one too. (How cool is that?!) In episode 29 Tex chose Proxie Detroit as her Unsponsor. Proxie provides resources and support to new and aspiring business owners–with an emphasis on black women entrepreneurs.

Since Tex’s Small Biz Gone Viral podcast episode aired–Raddle and Proxie Detroit Business Coach Autumn Kyles joined forces to offer new coaching packages to jumpstart your business.

If you’ve got entrepreneurial aspirations and you’re sick of feeling all over the place with inconsistent momentum, these coaching packages are designed to provide you with the ongoing support you need to keep kicking ass in business. Specifically–you get ongoing brainstorm sessions (a.k.a. Raddles) with supportive people there to help YOU combined with 1:1 business coaching in between Raddles. You can find out more about these business packages here.

Onwards and upwards, let’s rise together!

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