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A Publication by Raddle, The Virtual brainstorm Community

Raddle Lands Spot in Techstars Anywhere

Raddle got into Techstars Anywhere, a kick ass remote business accelerator that helps entrepreneurs grow their ideas into world-changing businesses. Raddle co-founders Liyani and Tex are over the moon about the news.
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Raddle entrepreneur community for solopreneurs

Entrepreneur Community Appreciates Its Members & Welcomes New Ones

If you’re a small business owner or solopreneur starting or running your own business who's looking for a supportive entrepreneur community to build with, Raddle is opening its doors to new members (AND appreciates its early members.)
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Raddle co-founder Liyani Rodriguez new year's resolution

Raddle Co-Founder’s New Year’s Resolution is All About Growth

Do you make New Year's resolutions, and if so--are they realistic or are you setting yourself up to fail? Raddle Co-founder and CEO Liyani Rodriguez shares what she used to do for resolutions and what she started doing at the beginning of 2020. (Hint: her 2020 approach is waaaaay cooler). Here's her story:
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Small Biz Gone Viral Raddle CoFounder Tex Dworkin episode 29

Small Biz Gone Viral Podcast Features Raddle Co-founder Tex Dworkin

If you’re curious how Raddle got its start or why being a part of an online business community is so vital, especially during COVID, listen to episode 29 of Small Biz Gone Viral -- a podcast that captures the impact COVID-19 is having on small businesses and the humans who run them, starring Raddle Co-founder and Chief Community Officer Tex Dworkin.
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Raddle Holiday Gift Guide

Raddle's Holiday Gift Guide is a curated selection of gift ideas from Raddle member businesses. It’s about as eclectic as you can get, a testament to the diversity of Raddle's community, but that means there's something for everyone in this most unusual gift guide. Take a look and see for yourself!
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Business Coach Autumn Kyles Proxie Detroit

New Coaching Packages to Jumpstart Your Business

Raddle plus business coaching = the one-two punch Solopreneurs need to set themselves up for success come 2021. Let's do this!
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