Get Featured in Raddle’s Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

Raddle’s Small Business Holiday Gift Guide is coming soon. All active Raddle members are invited to submit gift ideas. The purpose of this guide is to highlight products and services from solopreneurs and small business owners in the Raddle community so when people are searching for meaningful holiday gifts this year they can look to Raddle’s Small Business Holiday Gift Guide for ideas.

How we spend our money is a reflection of the world we want to live in. If you want a world filled with art and music and beautiful handmade creations then that’s where your dollars should go. It’s that simple. And if the people in your life have enough stuff–our guide will include experiential, unique gift ideas like life coaching sessions!

See below for submission guidelines. If you’re not a Raddle member yet (we’re FREE to join) hop on our website and click ‘Request Invite’. We’d love to have you if you enjoy brainstorming ideas to help small business owners and solopreneurs keep building forward.

Gift guides are a wonderful opportunity to expand product visibility and attract new customers. With the holiday season fast approaching, for you solopreneurs and small business owners out there–now is the time to get your products and services into as many online gift guides as possible.

If you’d like to submit your product or service for inclusion in Raddle’s Holiday Gift Guide and you’re not a Raddle member yet, request an invite to Raddle first, then follow the instructions below.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Must be an active Raddle member with a profile listed on;
  • You can only submit products and services on behalf of your own business;
  • Submission deadline: Thursday, November 19, 2020

Submission Instructions:

Send an email to tex at getraddle dot com with “Gift Guide Submission” in the subject line with the following information:

  • Title of Product or Service (12 words or less)
  • Description (50 words or less–if you have a lot of cool gift offerings–feel free to describe the one you choose + mention what else you sell)
  • E-option? Please note if you offer a way for last minute shoppers to purchase electronic gifts (i.e. e-gift certificates or a service that is entirely online)
  • 1-3 high quality photos
  • Link to purchase

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