Raddle Co-Founder’s New Year’s Resolution is All About Growth

Raddle co-founder Liyani Rodriguez new year's resolution

Do you make New Year’s resolutions, and if so–are they realistic or are you setting yourself up to fail? Raddle Co-founder and CEO Liyani Rodriguez shares what she used to do for resolutions and what she started doing at the beginning of 2020. (Hint: her 2020 approach is waaaaay cooler):

On January 1, 2020, I declared that my 2020 would be a year of navigating darkness. But it really wasn’t as gloomy as it sounds. Let me explain:

Before then, at the beginning of each year I’d create a clear, well-lit path of how my year should go and what badges (aka resolutions) I’d collect along the way. They’d come in the form of health, savings, travel, reading goals. But as many of us know, that’s not how life works, so consistently without fail – I’d overcommit and underdeliver on my resolutions.

No matter what I DID accomplish, if there were boxes left unchecked, I’d feel unsatisfied and unaccomplished. Looking back, my annual New Year’s resolutions process was actually the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

So I was determined to begin 2020 differently. I’d have one simple resolution: GROWTH. And instead of the usual, I’d attempt to succeed in a space that wasn’t illuminated by my lists of goals and badges, but rather–in a space that was relatively dark and unknown.

I even posted about my resolution here. (Here’s a snippet:)

“This year, I have one goal: GROWTH. To wake up every day and push forward. Scratch the regular rotation of more workouts, healthier eating, reading more books, travel to new places, meditate more, write more, etc… My mind, body, and spirit need a year to flourish in its own unique way and I’m going to let 2020 be that year.

This new methodology is brought to you by my new found love of the unknown. It’s a dark but eventful place. A place where entrepreneurs thrive. Hold my torch, I’m going in.”

Little did I (or anyone!) know how different 2020 would be and how much darkness there would be to navigate. However, as I reflect on the challenges of this past year, I can proudly say that I did GROW and for the first time ever — I accomplished my resolution, just not in the ways I ever could’ve imagined.

My GROWTH this year involved how I faced unforeseen challenges, grew my political knowledge and involvement, and so many other deeper values-driven milestones (goals I didn’t even know I had).

What lesson am I taking away? That New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be so resolute. As contradictory as it may sound, I’m offering a flexible approach to New Year’s resolutions. An approach that makes room for real life, that has many paths to success, and that can be navigated even in darkness.

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