Tex Dworkin

Raddle Co-founder & Chief Community Officer

written by Liyani Rodriguez, Raddle Co-founder and CEO

What can I say about Tex? She’s older than me but somehow way cooler! She’s got a youthful spirit and an infectious, inspiring personality.

Together, we’re living proof that Millennials and Gen Exers CAN achieve great things together 😉

When I was in diapers Tex was working with entrepreneurs around the world as a leader in the fair trade movement. She’s consulted for all sorts of businesses and organizations in her career, served on various boards including Ebay’s World of Good, appeared on CNN and elsewhere to raise awareness about socially responsible business—waaay before it was a topic on people’s radar.

You’ll typically find Tex in her trucker hat working in her 1964 backyard trailer (our HQ). You wouldn’t know that under that hat is a brilliant business mind. She’s always thinking outside the box and coming up with creative ideas — if you meet her ask her about the time she aced a philosophy test without actually taking it. But if I had to pick—Tex’s super power is definitely PEOPLE. She has an infectious personality, she’s empathetic by nature, and has a knack for inspiring and empowering people to ACT. I love that she walks alongside our community, hand in hand, making sure their dreams come true.

Basically, Tex totally ROCKS. (Literally–she’s also a musician!) I love that no matter what, we always align on one core thing – DOING GOOD. I couldn’t have asked for a better co-founder to build Raddle with.