Taiylor Evans

Social Media Intern

Taiylor is a shining light and the creative force behind Raddle’s Instagram channel. She (and her 13 pound mini Aussie Oscar) bring joy and smiles to many a Raddle Zoom meetings.

An Ozarks native who grew up in a small town on a hobby farm of about 30 head of cattle, Taiylor spent summers on the Niangua River working for the family canoe rental & campground.

She’s about to graduate Lindenwood University with a Bachelor’s in Social Media and Digital Content. Go Taiylor!

Before joining Raddle, Taiylor had a burning desire to use her talents and skills to help businesses and people succeed and didn’t want to wait for a degree to start living her dream, so she launched Socially Taiylor—a social media strategy company.

Raddle co-founder Liyani Rodriguez: “What I love about having Taiylor on our team is that she’s just as aligned in our company values as Tex & I. She takes initiative and truly owns whatever is thrown her way and is not afraid to use her voice and make it happen.”