Sarah bethe nelson

Writing Content Intern

Sarah has a way with words, is empathetic by nature, and the voice behind Raddle Tales–Raddle’s online publication.

She entered the Raddle community as a Raddler–brainstorming about how to translate her educational background and years of writing experience into a purpose-driven career, and the rest is history.

She has a BA in English Literature from UC Davis and an MA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State.

In addition to her Raddle writing, Sarah is also a talented songwriter, musician, and poet living in San Francisco, California.

Raddle co-founder Tex Dworkin: “What I love about having Sarah on our team is that she’s just as hungry to grow and learn as the rest of us. She uses just enough words to extract key lessons or points of inspiration so our readers can spend less time reading and more time building.”