Liyani Rodriguez

Raddle Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

written by Tex Dworkin, Raddle Co-founder and Chief Community Officer

Liyani is the ying to my yang in many ways, though when it comes to being driven—we’re cut from the same cloth. She cut her professional teeth as a CPA and finance professional and had a successful career advising tech companies including Snapchat and Survey Monkey. She was on track to becoming partner but lucky for Raddle she decided to follow her passion: helping small business owners and solopreneurs succeed.

Liyani knows what they need because she’s been both. Before we met Liyani was a Solopreneur but I think not having a team to lean on wore on her. (Many of us can relate to that one!) She also co-owns a small biz (Lundy Way) with her boyfriend Renan. She describes it as “an apron company” and I describe it as “one of THE best apron companies–where many of the world’s coolest chefs get their aprons from!” because she’s far too humble.⁠

Despite being significantly younger than me, I learn so much from Liyani which I love. I swear, I think her mind is set to problem solve mode. Instead of getting hung up on or bogged down by things that don’t go her way—Liyani seems to light up by each challenge of figuring something out.

It’s safe to say that Liyani knows what she wants and her incredible worth, yet somehow—she’s constantly building new skills to grow personally and professionally. Maybe that’s because she’s also one of the smartest people I know. What I love about having Liyani as my co-founder is that she’s values and passion driven like me, treats ALL people the same, and we have a similar sense of humor so we laugh a lot.