Deepika Sandu

Partner, Connor Group

Deepika is a Partner with Connor Group where she advises high growth companies as they inspire the world with innovation. With over 20 years of expertise, Deepika helps transform burgeoning businesses into elegant operations. Deepika is a leader in the areas of business process improvement, financial operations, public company readiness, systems, internal controls, and organizational effectiveness. Deepika is Mom to a sassy 6-year-old girl. She is also an aspiring writer working on her first book.

Why I am part of Raddle:

My dream title would be Brainstormer-in-Chief. I have been a brainstormer well before I understood what the word meant. To think creatively and collaboratively about professional, personal, and global challenges is my passion. To now advise the Raddle Team as they create an incredible platform for connection and collaboration is a Brainstormer’s dream come true. I am confident that Raddle will create waves of creativity and inspiration. Be on the watch for amazing things from this team.