Dean Praetorius

Founder, Toast Media Group

Dean has been connecting media and technology to grow audiences for the better part of a decade. After leading teams at VaynerMedia, HuffPost and Discovery, he co-founded Toast Media Group where he focuses on helping brands translate their message across platforms while optimizing for the latest changes in technology. His passion for digital marketing staples, like SEO, email and lead nurturing, helps clients connect their digital media efforts to create a true brand ecosystem.

Why am I a part of Raddle?

Everyone is capable of an amazing idea. It’s just a matter of connecting the people who need ideas with the unique and unfound voices that have them. Raddle has the potential to break bubbles and create a place that truly connects ideas that may never have come together otherwise. That mission, that potential for connectivity, fulfills so much of the promise of a connected world, and I’m thrilled to be a part of that future.