bex bassin

Bex is an experienced leader, fundraiser, and coach. She is trained in Co-Active coaching and specializes in leadership development. Through coaching, she helps her clients discover visions, remove barriers, and unlock their true potential. Her own study of personal exploration has led to evoking transformation with renewed access to creativity, success and satisfaction. She has discovered the freedom to redesign the life of her dreams and seeks to share that wealth of knowledge with others.

Bex has an extensive professional foundation that spans political, non-profit and higher education sectors. She has led teams, redesigned departments and established relationships with local philanthropists in both the East coast and West coast markets. She has raised millions of dollars for organizations through engagement with high net worth individuals and by implementing cultures of philanthropy and donor centric fundraising models. During her tenure at Harvard University, Planned Parenthood, and in state and local governments, she navigated complex, internal business structures and successfully stewarded relationships with external stakeholders from the corporate, tech, startup, and venture industries.

Her experiences with leadership perfectly complement and support her approach to coaching. Bex is delighted to be working with Raddle and eager for every member of this community to realize their vision.