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Solopreneurs who work with life coaches, business coaches, and executive coaches have a leg up. Get to know some of our Raddle Verified Coaches. By: Tex Dworkin, Raddle Co-founder & Chief Community Officer

With so many solopreneurs, startup founders, and small business owners in ‘figure it out’ mode at the moment, turning to a life coach or business coach for extra support can make a huge difference.

Unfortunately when it comes to coaching, I don’t think we’re ‘there’ yet in terms of social acceptance or proper valuation. The very mention of the term ‘life coach’ to the wrong person and you can practically taste the apprehension.

I get it. I used to roll my eyes at the term, but after experiencing life coaching for myself, I became a believer. Sure, I still chuckle about the Onion headline: “Woman Benched by Life Coach.” I mean, come on. If you’re doing so poorly in life that you get benched by your own life coach…that’s funny! But in all seriousness…

a life coach can positively impact a person’s life in profound ways. But not all people can afford coaching, and even if they could, in tight times (like now) spending money on anything ‘extra’ is a tall order.

Here’s the thing. A lot of successful entrepreneurs have coaches who’ve played a significant role in getting them to where they are today. I was at a Silicon Valley startup conference in January and not one, not two, but three keynote speakers, each a successful entrepreneur in their own right, mentioned some life hack gem they’d learned from their coach and applied.

Now to state the obvious: affording a life coach is unquestionably a privilege. So do you just write it off as the rich getting richer and those who can’t afford this potentially life-enhancing service are just shit out of luck?

Hell no! Liyani (Raddle Co-founder) and I put our heads together and came up with a cost-effective solution: what if we offered life coaching as a benefit to our paid members in the form of small, monthly group sessions? This way–those who might not try life coaching on their own or were turned off by cost could give it a shot, experience it for themselves, and then decide if it’s for them.

And that’s how the Raddle Verified Coach program came to be.

Now — every month paid members can book up to 4 brainstorm sessions PLUS get coaching in one Raddle Verified Coach-led group session.

It’s the one-two punch needed to propel Raddlers forward in their work. In the virtual brainstorm sessions, Solopreneurs lean on supportive strangers to tackle their nitty gritty challenges and hurdles. Then the monthly coaching session provides an opportunity to talk bigger picture with a professional coach.

We’re into our second month of coaching sessions now. We’ve been working closely with our coaches, gathering feedback as we go to learn what works best and how we can all benefit the most from this unique opportunity.

We can’t wait to see what happens next. What we know for certain is that Raddle Verified Coaches KICK ASS and we are SO psyched for the Raddlers who get to experience the benefits of coaching in addition to their brainstorm sessions.

Do you want to experience all this brainstorming + coaching magic for yourself?

There’s still time to apply to become an early paid Raddle member, and the price ($12/month billed annually/locked in FOR LIFE) can’t be beat for all you get: 4 facilitated virtual brainstorms/month, unlimited text brainstorms, Raddle verified life coach group sessions, and a featured listing in Raddle Tales. Plus exposure to your work and the chance to network with others who are in build-forward mode.

If you’re ready to Raddle–here’s a link to our Raddle Invitation Request. The deadline for beta users to apply (and lock in our earlybird price for life) is Aug. 2, 2020.

Meet Our Raddle Coaches:


I help entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants identify their ideal client, increase personnel productivity and increase revenue by 43% with the Root Success System. As a John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer Coach I am equipped with the skills and knowledge to transform you and your business from the inside out. Here’s what a colleague (licensed Psychologist /Consultant/Trainer) said about me: “Tonya’s commitment to her own personal and professional growth and development is an inspiration to me and many others. She is a tremendously hard worker who goes to bat for those in whom she invests. She is generous, committed, loyal, and dedicated to helping others live into their potential and greater purpose.”


I work with non-profits and small businesses in marketing, communications and content strategy, UX, graphic and web design. Over the past 20 years, I’ve run an e-comm business, started a non-profit, and worked on several marketing teams. From digging into data to editing copy, developing SEO strategies to performing user research, I have a diverse range of skills. I received a Masters in Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington in 2018 and have a UX Design Certification from Nielsen Norman Group. I’ve been living in Seattle since 2014 but work with clients all over the country.


I help people tap into their resilience and agility so they can create a life, and vision, that makes a difference. I have over a decade of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness with deep knowledge of the nervous system and extensive training and work as a Certified Professional Coach. I believe productivity and perfectionism are false paths to success and everyone is capable of creating a life, and business, that runs harmoniously with their own personal operating system.


For more than 15 years, I have been a Marketing and Brand executive at major international consumer package goods brands and top-rated technology companies: Apple, Nestle, Clorox, Logitech, Philips Hue and Intuit. As a storyteller at heart, I love crafting the stories of these brands and helping them launch game-changing products. I have led dynamic teams, developed strategic go-to-market plans and crafted creative visions for a variety of products. As well, I have helped rewrite brand and product stories to pivot from stodgy and stuck to innovative and exciting. As a personal and professional leadership coach, I am leveraging all of these skills for clients and companies. Certified through CTI (Coaches Training Institute, the Harvard of coaching schools), I am helping develop leaders in their personal and professional lives. My clients are rewriting the stories so that they can take their careers and their businesses to the next level.

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