How I Cracked That! Time Management Tips for Solopreneurs

Hello and welcome to Raddle’s new blog series How I Cracked That! What’s worked for others may work for you, so we’ll be exploring common hurdles faced by solopreneurs and people working in isolation and how others have cracked that. We aren’t reinventing the wheel here. We’re sharing solutions that really work for problems solopreneurs face in their everyday lives. Because WE are smarter than ME!

Starting things off we’re talking Time Management, so here are our Top 7 Tips submitted via Instagram and members of the Raddle team. One for each day of the week!

Top 7 Tips for Time Management:

  • Work smart! While it’s tempting to schedule back-to-back meetings to get the most use out of your day, it’s not necessarily the “smartest” use of your time. Taking breaks is important and having them between meetings allows you to review and consolidate your notes from your previous meeting and also prepare for your next one. Imagine forgetting conversations or not being prepared to meet with potential customers, partners, and investors. That would be really bad. Most importantly, breaks give you an opportunity to take a breather and refresh your mind. They give you time to enjoy the excitement of starting and growing a new business. At the end of the day, if you don’t enjoy what you do, there’s really no reason to push forward. -Albert L.
  • To make peace with time, I write my next day’s to-do list the evening before. It clears my mind, it releases me from going to bed thinking I have more to do (because anything I missed goes to the next day’s list), and it gets my next day jump started! My other tip is to make peace with the fact that it will ALWAYS take longer than you plan. -Liyani R.
  • Pick one priority per day and get it done! My daily lists are too long. I know this and yet I keep doing it. So clearly– I’m not the best person to be giving time management tips. But having said that, there’s one thing I do that I believe is worth emulating: I pick one item per day that absolutely, positively must get done, and put it at the top of my daily to do list in Notion. I make sure it’s in boldface so it’s hard to ignore. Ideally– I do that item first, but in reality… well, I’m working on it. As long as I get it done by the time my head hits the pillow– I consider that a win. -Tex D.
  • Set boundaries: Say no Rarely exceed scope, unless it’s fun When writing, toggle between one hard interesting thing and one easy long thing; be productive while procrastinating Take as many calls as possible outside and off camera Hard out, everyday -Kenya L.
  • Use of a planner — on paper. There is a lot of evidence to show that cognitively we remember more of what we write by hand than type. -Madhu U.
  • Set aside certain times to check email. Not continuously. Multitasking too hard is actually less productive. Those are my pieces of wisdom, humbly submitted. Oh, and don’t be afraid to delegate if you have people. Mentoring others so you aren’t the “only one” who knows everything is super important with growing business. -Alicia V.H.
  • Always approach the day like you are heading into an office. In other words, no working in your Jambos. Make yourself presentable just as you would in a professional environment. Also it’s very important to set an alarm to remind yourself to get some cardio at various points during the day. -Parker G.

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