Hello and welcome to another installment of Raddle’s new blog series How I Cracked That! What’s worked for others may work for you, so we’re exploring common hurdles faced by solopreneurs and people working in isolation to find out how others have cracked that. We aren’t reinventing the wheel here. We’re sharing solutions that really work for problems solopreneurs face in their everyday lives. Because WE are smarter than ME!

This week we’re talking about how, as the days and months go by, we’re Keeping Momentum In Our Work (while still staying sane). Here are our Top 7 Tips submitted via Instagram and by members of the Raddle team. One for each day of the week!

Top 7 Tips for Keeping Momentum In The Monotony:

  • Remember every time things work. This might sound small but it builds. If you’re a small business owner chances are you don’t take a minute to enjoy when things go right, you spend all of your time putting out fires, let yourself be glad when little things run smoothly. -Savannah B.
  • Take breaks, long breaks if necessary. Quick reactions can be damaging. -Douglas R.
  • Move past the mistakes, quickly and gracefully. Tomorrow is another day. -Sam W.
  • Blast music on the clock! -Destiney.
  • For me, it’s having a designated workspace. Early on in quarantine, I’d work from the couch, dining room table, or sometimes even bed! At some point, I created a designated workspace that I sit down like I would work for regular hours. Then, in the evening I commute to the living room. Once I got into a rhythm, my head space followed along and it helped me get focused just as if I were in an office. -Liyani R.
  • Understand that the world is not an office, move around, shuffle, dance if the mood strikes you, be alive. As a business owner, my advice is to live a in way that people are attracted to. -Bill W.
  • Take care of yourself! -Andy P.

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