Hello and welcome to another installment of Raddle’s new blog series How I Cracked That! What’s worked for others may work for you, so we’re exploring common hurdles faced by solopreneurs and people working in isolation to find out how others have cracked that. We aren’t reinventing the wheel here. We’re sharing solutions that really work for problems solopreneurs face in their everyday lives. Because WE are smarter than ME!

This week we’re talking about being stuck at home and how we’re Getting the networking solutions and support we need during Covid. Here are our Top 7 Tips submitted via Instagram and by members of the Raddle team. One for each day of the week!

Top 7 Tips for Getting the networking solutions and support we need during Covid:

  • Be active in online communities! -Taiylor E.
  • Remember to ask for advice from friends and colleagues. I’m always trying find fresh ways to share my story on social media and through my brand, which takes lots of outside input and inspiration. -Jennifer F.
  • So I’ve given this one a lot of thought. Such a great topic. And here’s what I’ve come up with: The reason we say ‘don’t build alone’ is because oftentimes–our minds are not our friends. They tell us things that put us down, not lift us up. Having others to build WITH keeps you out of your head, accountable, feeling supported and validated, in action, and so on. So my tip, especially during COVID–is to join as many online communities as possible. Not just one. Many. Because they can each serve a different purpose in your life. Say you’re an overwhelmed black, lgbtq dadpreneur. You could join one community that’s all about parenthood during COVID, an African American dads group, a lgbtq community, an entrepreneur community (like Raddle 🙂 and one about local hiking cuz that’s your jam. And so on. There is no limit to the number of online communities you can and should join. Like friends–you lean on one for one type of support, and another for another. You don’t have to choose between them or feel guilty about doing so. We are all multi-faceted people–find and connect with people just as you would IRL and get the support you need to keep your head up and keep building forward. And for those who say ‘but I don’t have time’ to join all these groups, I say this: Make time for human connection, because we are social animals and COVID is forcing us to find new ways to do just that. Humans thrive in packs.. -Tex D.
  • I’ve been researching a lot of How-To’s and tutorials, far more than I did in the past. I’m reading the comments and the questions, and you know what? I’m learning a TON. It’s gratifying to seek out and find information, to learn a skill, or get the answers you need. It’s doing things on your own but all of the knowledge is coming from others in the (often global) community. I’ve found it leads me to more networking and reaching out, too! -Angela P.
  • I think the best solution is Raddle! -Liyani R.
  • Be willing to show that you need help, ask for it, be vulnerable. I find that when I get over my fear of showing that I’m struggling people respond to that because they are, too. We all are. And when we risk allowing others to see our true selves, the support we need pours in. -Peter T.
  • Once a week I have a bitch session with two of my closest friends. It’s a safe place to get it all out of our systems; we have some wine, and more often than not, end up laughing at the things we were so worried or angry about before. Friendship, support, and free therapy! -Sandra N.

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