Entrepreneur Community Appreciates Its Members & Welcomes New Ones

Raddle entrepreneur community for solopreneurs

If you’re a small business owner or solopreneur starting or running your own business who’s looking for a supportive entrepreneur community to build with, Raddle is opening its doors to new members (AND appreciates its early members.)

Raddle connects solopreneurs who are serious about succeeding in business with people who can help make that happen through private 20-minute video sessions (a.k.a. Raddles).

What happens in these 20 minutes? Solopreneurs receive personalized feedback, ideas, and/or advice from 3-5 supportive community members at a time. What you book your Raddle about is up to you: brainstorming ideas, getting website feedback, help with goal setting or prioritizing tasks, and wordsmithing are some of our more popular topics.

Raddle is community-driven, which means that our main priority is serving people in our community. As we build and evolve, our member’s needs are at the forefront of our decision-making process.

Succeeding in business is a lot easier when you have others to lean on.

Every Raddle member is important to us, so this holiday season we mailed out a little something to let them know. Each member of the Raddle community received a handwritten “TOGETHER WE RISE” postcard along with 2 golden tickets to share with friends or family that has a personalized QR code on it so they can skip the line when they request to join our community. It’s been fun seeing who Raddle members share their tickets with.

Raddle ‘Entrepreneur’ members also received a special gift: a top-of-the-line, sleek black face mask designed by Raddle co-founder Liyani’s fiancé  Renan. We included a custom Raddle bag for safe-keeping made of the same high quality mask fabric. We wanted these masks to be the best of the best because that’s what our members deserve. So each mask has a nose strip for anti-fogging, ear adjustments for the perfect fit, and they were hand cut and sewn locally in the San Francisco Bayview district — because as a values-driven company, we believe in supporting local business whenever possible.

As an early stage start-up, there will always be a special place in our hearts for our members who’ve been with us from the beginning. If all goes well, Raddle will grow and evolve over time, hopefully alongside all of our community members who are doing the same with their companies, so our message rings true: TOGETHER WE RISE.

New Raddle Members Welcome!

It’s (finally!) a new year, and our small but mighty Raddle team is working their asses off to make sure that solopreneurs have a trustworthy community to lean on for help without fear of judgement. That’s Raddle.

Raddle remains invite-only so we maintain the safe space required for solopreneurs to feel comfortable being vulnerable and honest about their needs and challenges. If you’re serious about building your business and you believe in rising together, we welcome you to join our supportive community. Click here to request an invite today. Raddle is FREE to join!

While we can’t say for certain–most likely there will be more surprise gifts arriving in future Raddler’s mailboxes down the line. 🙂

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