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The 2020 finish line is (FINALLY) in sight and it’s time to start planning for a new year. If you’ve got entrepreneurial aspirations and you’re sick of feeling all over the place with inconsistent momentum: snag a spot in one of our business coaching packages with Business Coach Autumn Kyles of Proxie Detroit to jumpstart your business in 2021.

There are 3 packages to choose from–all designed based on feedback from business owners about what THEY need to build their business: weekly brainstorm sessions with supportive members of the Raddle community PLUS 1:1 support from a business coach between brainstorm sessions to help them prioritize their next steps.

So that’s what we’re delivering, at a cost that’s affordable and beyond worth it for all you get.

Each package includes a membership to Raddle (you get 4 brainstorm sessions per month with a curated group of community members plus 1 monthly life coach session) AND 1-on-1 business coaching with Autumn Kyles, the founder of Proxie Detroit. After each brainstorm session, you’ll dive deeper into the ideas from the session to create an action plan for your next steps.

Here’s a snapshot of the 3 Packages to Choose From:

1) Sprint Package ($300)

  • 3 one-on-one business coaching sessions (weekly)
  • 3-Month Raddle Membership (12 brainstorm sessions PLUS 3 life coach sessions)

2) Plus Package ($450)

  • 4 one-on-one coaching sessions (weekly)
  • 1-Year Raddle Membership (48 brainstorm sessions PLUS 12 life coach sessions)

3) Premium Package ($550)

  • 3-month one-on-one coaching sessions (bi-weekly)
  • 3 Super-Raddles (aka brainstorming sessions with the founder of Proxie Detroit (Autmn Kyles) and Raddle co-founders (Liyani Rodriguez & Tex Dworkin)
  • 1-Year Raddle Membership (48 brainstorm sessions PLUS 12 life coach sessions)

This pilot program is offered at an affordable price to make sure solopreneurs get the complete support system they need to go from ideas to action. Step by step–you’ll build WITH the ongoing help of 1) supportive brainstormers (Raddlers!) and 2) an expert business coach (Autumn!)

Instead of going, “Oh shit, where do I even begin to achieve my business goals?!” this is an opportunity for you to jumpstart your momentum and receive the ongoing support you need to keep it going.

Raddle’s Collab Packages with Business Coach Autumn Kyles were designed based on actual feedback from active people in the Raddle community who said: it would be GREAT to have a business coach to meet with between brainstorming sessions for help creating and implementing their action plan.

Once you sign up you’ll:
1️⃣ Schedule your weekly 20-minute Raddle to brainstorm your entrepreneurial hurdle (for Ex: how to grow my IG following)
2️⃣ Raddle weekly with up to 6 amazing entrepreneurs, creatives and (un)like-minds
3️⃣ Meet 1:1 weekly with Autumn to transform your Raddle ideas into an actionable strategy ⠀
4️⃣ Repeat Steps 1-3

Sign up HERE for Raddle’s Collab Package with business coach Autumn Kyles. Limited spots are available.

Q &A: Raddle Co-founder Tex Dworkin asked Autumn a few questions about these new coaching package offerings:
  • Tex: So Autumn, what makes this program unique and different from everything else out there?
    Autumn: This is the only program that blends community, innovation, drive and accountability all in one. Raddle has been able to perfect a meaningful community for solopreneurs and Proxie is enhancing this experience by adding one-on-one coaching. This will bring out the best of your Raddle Membership!
  • Tex: Can you share WHO this program is ideal for?
    Autumn: This program is ideal for entrepreneurs who need that additional push to start. If you’re in the process of a launch, revamping your business for the new year, or just looking to gain momentum, (a Raddle coaching package) will be the perfect service to get you on your way.
  • Tex: You raddled with us for 4 weeks straight. Can you share what that was like?
    Autumn: My 4-week raddle intensive helped me clearly identify the issues in my business and come up with a creative way to fix them! After my Raddles, I was able to come up with a 2.0 version of my business that is anticipated to triple my monthly income. Raddle really works and I’m excited to help (solopreneurs) refine (their) ideas into a strategic plan to help them grow.
  • Tex: Say I went through this program. What can I expect to come out of it with?
    Autumn: You can expect to gain consistent progress on your goals, actionable ideas to grow, refine or pivot your business, and a strategic plan to continue the work after coaching.
  • Tex: You had me at “strategic plan”. SIGN ME UP!!

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Autumn Kyles, Founder of Proxie Detroit
Autumn Kyles is the founder of Proxie Detroit. Proxie offers content and resources for black women entrepreneurs to help get their startup and business ideas off the ground. She’s also a business coach, entrepreneur and MBA. She grew her business, Detroit Dough, to more than 70,000 cups of cookie dough sold and $345,000 in capital raised in less than 3 years and wants to help you achieve that same level of success!
What is Raddle?
Raddle is an invite-only subscription service that offers ongoing support for entrepreneurs. The subscription includes access to a social platform for brainstorming ideas with objective and (un)like minds. When you need support or are stuck, you simply book a brainstorm with your topic and the Raddle community comes together in support of YOU. The brainstorm (a.k.a. Raddle) is a 20-minute video chat that is led by a trained facilitator to optimze the ideas & the FUN. You will receive a 1-year membership to Raddle with this package, which includes weekly brainstorms based on your specific need.

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