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We are Raddle

At Raddle, we all have something to teach AND learn from each other. “We” includes the Raddle Team, Coaches, Founding Members, and Advisors. Because WE are smarter than ME.

We host virtual brainstorm sessions for our members to bounce ideas around with a curated, diverse group of supportive strangers.

We provide ongoing support to solopreneurs throughout their entrepreneurial journey because it’s easier to succeed when you have others to build with.

We’re different because we rely on the untapped power of unlike minds to keep our members moving forward with momentum.

Liyani Rodriguez
Raddle Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tex Dworkin
Raddle Co-founder & Chief Community Officer

Dan HaDzaMi
Lead Engineer

Taiylor Evans
Social Media Strategist


Raddle was born out of a basic need: connection. Feeling the frustration and isolation of working as solopreneurs, Liyani and Tex came together one afternoon at Flora Grubb in San Francisco. What started out as a user research interview resulted in a friendship and partnership that built the foundation of Raddle. Their secret ingredient? Unlike Minds. Liyani & Tex realized that it was their generational gap, unlike interests, and unlike life experiences that fed the magic of working together. They used that as a premise for their first IRL brainstorm event. Qiana, one attendee, described it: “That day, I felt that the brainstorm was a gift. It was time. I had that voice already. This allowed me to say, ‘I am stepping out and I’m gonna do it.’


Raddle means to twist together: INTERWEAVE. Perfectly fitting for what we do here at Raddle. Raddlers interweave ideas by bouncing them off of each other to come up with solutions.

‘Raddle’ is also fun to say and we love that it works as a verb (let’s raddle=let’s brainstorm) + noun (Raddle: 1. a virtual brainstorm community of diverse strangers; 2. a virtual brainstorm session between diverse strangers). Then there are the Raddle offshoots—-our fave of course being Raddler: a member of the Raddle community.

Core Values


Magic happens once you feel safe enough to get real about what you want and the support you need to achieve it. Being vulnerable isn’t easy, but it’s the way forward and like any skill—you CAN get better at it.


Brainstorming with people who have diverse backgrounds and perspectives can help you think outside the box, because they were never in the box to begin with.


Every person who has ideas to share is heard because every voice matters.

If you're not where you want to be in your professional life—brainstorm about it!

We could tell you that bouncing around ideas with people who are different than you is a golden opportunity to expand in your work and life and get the jolt of motivation you need.

Instead—experience it for yourself! Once you’re in, your first session is on us!

Join Our Community

Liyani Rodriguez

Raddle Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

written by Tex Dworkin, Raddle Co-founder and Chief Community Officer

Liyani is the ying to my yang in many ways, though when it comes to being driven—we’re cut from the same cloth. She cut her professional teeth as a CPA and finance professional and had a successful career advising tech companies including Snapchat and Survey Monkey. She was on track to becoming partner but lucky for Raddle she decided to follow her passion: helping small business owners and solopreneurs succeed.

Liyani knows what they need because she’s been both. Before we met Liyani was a Solopreneur but I think not having a team to lean on wore on her. (Many of us can relate to that one!) She also co-owns a small biz (Lundy Way) with her (super hot) boyfriend Renan. She describes it as “an apron company” and I describe it as “one of THE best apron companies–where many of the world’s coolest chefs get their aprons from!” because she’s far too humble.⁠

Despite being significantly younger than me, I learn so much from Liyani which I love. I swear, I think her mind is set to problem solve mode. Instead of getting hung up on or bogged down by things that don’t go her way—Liyani seems to light up by each challenge of figuring something out.

It’s safe to say that Liyani knows what she wants and her incredible worth, yet somehow—she’s constantly building new skills to grow personally and professionally. Maybe that’s because she’s also one of the smartest people I know. What I love about having Liyani as my co-founder is that she’s values and passion driven like me, treats ALL people the same, and we have a similar sense of humor so we laugh a lot.

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Tex Dworkin

Raddle Co-founder & Chief Community Officer

written by Liyani Rodriguez, Raddle Co-founder and CEO

What can I say about Tex? She’s older than me but somehow way cooler! She’s got a youthful spirit and an infectious, inspiring personality.

Together, we’re living proof that Millennials and Gen Exers CAN achieve great things together 😉

When I was in diapers Tex was working with entrepreneurs around the world as a leader in the fair trade movement. She’s consulted for all sorts of businesses and organizations in her career, served on various boards including Ebay’s World of Good, appeared on CNN and elsewhere to raise awareness about socially responsible business—waaay before it was a topic on people’s radar.

You’ll typically find Tex in her trucker hat working in her 1964 backyard trailer (our HQ). You wouldn’t know that under that hat is a brilliant business mind. She’s always thinking outside the box and coming up with creative ideas — if you meet her ask her about the time she aced a philosophy test without actually taking it. But if I had to pick—Tex’s super power is definitely PEOPLE. She has an infectious personality, she’s empathetic by nature, and has a knack for inspiring and empowering people to ACT. I love that she walks alongside our community, hand in hand, making sure their dreams come true.

Basically, Tex totally ROCKS. (Literally–she’s also a musician!) I love that no matter what, we always align on one core thing – DOING GOOD. I couldn’t have asked for a better co-founder to build Raddle with.

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Dan Hadzami

Lead Engineer

Dan has 6 years of experience in software development and is Raddle’s behind-the-scenes builder.

Before joining Raddle, he built a sneaker marketplace from scratch reaching 1M searches per day, and a web-based remittance service provider from scratch, reaching $1M total transactions in the first 3 months of launch. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of his professional accomplishments! (Ok, one more: Dan built a software for accident law firms to automatically sign up their clients in real-time as soon as the accident happens.)

Raddle co-founder Liyani Rodriguez: “Dan is Raddle’s technical unicorn. We weren’t sure it was possible to find a Lead Engineer who was just as excited and pumped about Raddle as the rest of us until Dan came along. Beyond the fact that he’s incredibly intelligent and among the best at what he does, he has the drive of a thousand unicorns with an insatiable hunger to succeed.”

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Taiylor Evans

Social Media Strategiest

Taiylor is a shining light and the creative force behind Raddle’s Instagram channel. She (and her 13 pound mini Aussie Oscar) bring joy and smiles to many a Raddle Zoom meetings.

An Ozarks native who grew up in a small town on a hobby farm of about 30 head of cattle, Taiylor spent summers on the Niangua River working for the family canoe rental & campground.

She’s about to graduate Lindenwood University with a Bachelor’s in Social Media and Digital Content. Go Taiylor!

Before joining Raddle, Taiylor had a burning desire to use her talents and skills to help businesses and people succeed and didn’t want to wait for a degree to start living her dream, so she launched Socially Taiylor—a social media strategy company.

Raddle co-founder Liyani Rodriguez: “What I love about having Taiylor on our team is that she’s just as aligned in our company values as Tex & I. She takes initiative and truly owns whatever is thrown her way and is not afraid to use her voice and make it happen.”

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Kimberly Sauceda

For more than 15 years, I have been a Marketing and Brand executive at major international consumer package goods brands and top-rated technology companies: Apple, Nestle, Clorox, Logitech, Philips Hue and Intuit. As a storyteller at heart, I love crafting the stories of these brands and helping them launch game-changing products. I have led dynamic teams, developed strategic go-to-market plans and crafted creative visions for a variety of products. As well, I have helped rewrite brand and product stories to pivot from stodgy and stuck to innovative and exciting.

As a personal and professional leadership coach, I am leveraging all of these skills for clients and companies. Certified through CTI (Coaches Training Institute, the Harvard of coaching schools), I am helping develop leaders in their personal and professional lives. My clients are rewriting the stories so that they can take their careers and their businesses to the next level.

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Audrey Holst

I help people tap into their resilience and agility so they can create a life, and vision, that makes a difference. I have over a decade of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness with deep knowledge of the nervous system and extensive training and work as a Certified Professional Coach. I believe productivity and perfectionism are false paths to success and everyone is capable of creating a life, and business, that runs harmoniously with their own personal operating system.

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Carrie Hawthorne

I work with non-profits and small businesses in marketing, communications and content strategy, UX, graphic and web design. Over the past 20 years, I’ve run an e-comm business, started a non-profit, and worked on several marketing teams. From digging into data to editing copy, developing SEO strategies to performing user research, I have a diverse range of skills. I received a Masters in Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington in 2018 and have a UX Design Certification from Nielsen Norman Group. I’ve been living in Seattle since 2014 but work with clients all over the country.

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Tonya Fairley

I help entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants identify their ideal client, increase personnel productivity and increase revenue by 43% with the Root Success System. As a John Maxwell Speaker , Trainer Coach I am equipped with the skills and knowledge to transform you and your business from the inside out. Here’s what a colleague (a licensed Psychologist /Consultant/Trainer) about me: “Tonya’s commitment to her own personal and professional growth and development is an inspiration to me and many others. She is a tremendously hard worker who goes to bat for those in whom she invests. She is generous, committed, loyal, and dedicated to helping others live into their potential and greater purpose.”

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Bex Bassin

Bex is an experienced leader, fundraiser, and coach. She is trained in Co-Active coaching and specializes in leadership development. Through coaching, she helps her clients discover visions, remove barriers, and unlock their true potential. Her own study of personal exploration has led to evoking transformation with renewed access to creativity, success and satisfaction. She has discovered the freedom to redesign the life of her dreams and seeks to share that wealth of knowledge with others.

Bex has an extensive professional foundation that spans political, non-profit and higher education sectors. She has led teams, redesigned departments and established relationships with local philanthropists in both the East coast and West coast markets. She has raised millions of dollars for organizations through engagement with high net worth individuals and by implementing cultures of philanthropy and donor centric fundraising models. During her tenure at Harvard University, Planned Parenthood, and in state and local governments, she navigated complex, internal business structures and successfully stewarded relationships with external stakeholders from the corporate, tech, startup, and venture industries.

Her experiences with leadership perfectly complement and support her approach to coaching. Bex is delighted to be working with Raddle and eager for every member of this community to realize their vision. 

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Kiki Von Glinow

Founder, Toast Media Group

Kiki is a digital marketing specialist with a special expertise in Generation Z. She was previously the Head of Growth & Analytics at HuffPost where she led audience acquisition and Generation Z research. Since then, Kiki co-founded digital marketing agency Toast Media Group, where it is her mission to create audience-first strategies that marry organic storytelling and data for brands that make an impact.

Why am I a part of Raddle? Interactive brainstorming has been the #1 catalyst behind all of my professional success so when I was first approached by the Raddle founders my immediate thought was “Why didn’t I think of this?!” followed by “How does this not exist?!” I was sold immediately and even further so by getting to know Liyani and Tex, whose passion for group thought and innovation is what will power the future of entrepreneurship.

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Dean Praetorius

Founder, Toast Media Group

Dean has been connecting media and technology to grow audiences for the better part of a decade. After leading teams at VaynerMedia, HuffPost and Discovery, he co-founded Toast Media Group where he focuses on helping brands translate their message across platforms while optimizing for the latest changes in technology. His passion for digital marketing staples, like SEO, email and lead nurturing, helps clients connect their digital media efforts to create a true brand ecosystem.

Why am I a part of Raddle?

Everyone is capable of an amazing idea. It’s just a matter of connecting the people who need ideas with the unique and unfound voices that have them. Raddle has the potential to break bubbles and create a place that truly connects ideas that may never have come together otherwise. That mission, that potential for connectivity, fulfills so much of the promise of a connected world, and I’m thrilled to be a part of that future.

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Deepika Sandu

Partner, Connor Group

Deepika is a Partner with Connor Group where she advises high growth companies as they inspire the world with innovation. With over 20 years of expertise, Deepika helps transform burgeoning businesses into elegant operations. Deepika is a leader in the areas of business process improvement, financial operations, public company readiness, systems, internal controls, and organizational effectiveness. Deepika is Mom to a sassy 6-year-old girl. She is also an aspiring writer working on her first book.

Why I am part of Raddle:

My dream title would be Brainstormer-in-Chief. I have been a brainstormer well before I understood what the word meant. To think creatively and collaboratively about professional, personal, and global challenges is my passion. To now advise the Raddle Team as they create an incredible platform for connection and collaboration is a Brainstormer’s dream come true. I am confident that Raddle will create waves of creativity and inspiration. Be on the watch for amazing things from this team.

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Kathy Davies

Managing Director, Stanford Life Design Lab

Kathy has 15 years of experience developing electromechanical and software products, and proudly holds five patents. She consults with Silicon Valley companies, teaches design thinking, conducts ethnographic research, and develops product strategies and concepts. Kathy is also the co- creator of “Designing Your Life for Women” and a passionate advocate for design thinking as a methodology to empower social change.

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