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A Space to Virtually Brainstorm With (un)like-minded problem solvers

Raddle: to twist together. We’re a community that interweaves ideas from uniquely-helpful-multi-experienced-hand-selected strangers to keep current & future Solopreneurs building forward. Through a quick video session, get the jolt of motivation you need, when you need it. Just because you work alone, doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone.

Podcast Entrepreneur

Leaning on others is the smart way to move forward. WE are smarter than ME.

“When the COVID-19 crisis started it was crippling for our organization. I turned to my brainstorming family for help and challenged everyone to help us come up with creative marketing ideas. My session was amazing and I walked away with tangible ideas and practical ways to implement those ideas that have since helped us grow our following!”


Founder, Karat School Project

Tara - Dog Shelter Owner


Budding Entrepreneurs


The first time we brainstormed with Noelle, we sourced ideas for Sacramento Shelter Pets Alive’s annual fundraising event. They ended up raising $15K. Next we brainstormed creative ways to get dogs fostered instead of euthanized during COVID-19. A social campaign came out of it, lots of dogs found new homes (including 5 that we know of) and best of all–a new partnership was born: Noelle and Tara (a fellow community member) teamed up to produce a ‘how to’ video series on fostering dogs. Together they brainstormed naming their duo and Gimme Shelter Dogs was born. Next they brainstormed how to promote their series. And on the horizon–a podcast brainstorm! WE’re here for Noelle, Tara and YOU–every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

working at a coffee shop

“It’s so easy to get hung up on small roadblocks. A platform like this works to dismantle the obstacles and keep the energy flowing into the art. That’s invaluable.”

Sarah Bethe Nelson


Video Brainstorming

You choose your 20-minute time slot + what you’d like input on. We provide a curated group of people for you to brainstorm with. Together you come up with actionable ideas to keep you moving forward.


Monthly Raddle verified coach-led sessions help keep you motivated and accountable. These sessions provide the extra boost of inspiration and guidance you need to keep moving forward.

Session Facilitator

Focus on the discussion & let our facilitator handle the rest. They’ll keep the conversation flowing and focused. You’ll also receive a session recording to refer back to for anything you missed!

Community Member

Participate in brainstorm sessions
Share your ideas to help others
Meet people outside your network

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Company Value 01

A space where vulnerability is the norm

Core Value 02

A space where diverse perspectives breed innovative ideas

Core Value 03

A space where every voice is heard

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